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Is it wrong to use pain relief in labour?

From celebrity Dad's to wrongly quoted Hypnobirthing teachers, the use of pain relief during labour is a hot topic at the moment. So much so that I keep harping on about it.

There is a general belief that if you use Hypnobirthing you will have a pain free birth. This stems from the mistaken view that Hypnobirthing is in itself a pain relief. This is not true. Hypnobirthing is a complete antenatal course that ELIMINATES FEAR (not pain), ensuring you can have the calm, confident and positive birth experience that's right for you and your Baby.

Some Mums using Hypnobirthing do have pain free births but the general view from people using Hypnobirthing is that birth is "powerful, not painful".

So where has this view come from that pain relief isn't allowed if you use Hypnobirthing? Tom Fletcher has recently gushed about his wife birthing their third baby. His comments included "She once again used hypnobirthing and had no drugs or pain relief, just breathing and relaxation techniques."

Harry Kane proudly announced the birth of his daughter saying "So proud of Kate for having the most amazing water birth with no pain relief at all." They too had used Hypnobirthing.

There's been some backlash associated with both comments. People jumped to the conclusion that these Dads meant all parents should avoid pain relief. I actually feel quite sorry for them. I think they were just describing how their births went and that they were proud of their partners. They were also thanking Hypnobirthing for the lessons they had learned and used during birth. However, I can also see where they confusion comes in.

Rest assured that if you use Hypnobirthing YOU CAN USE PAIN RELIEF. Pain relief, used in the right circumstances can really help the birth experience. This is especially true if Mum is starting to struggle with her Hypnobirthing techniques because she is tired from labour. Using pain relief can provide a much needed rest and the Mum can gather her thoughts and strength for the rest of the birth.

The choice is yours. We know that our birthing "plans" should really be called birthing "preferences" because everything is open to change in birth. No birth is the same. That means you might initially say you "don't want to use pain relief" but it turns out that using pain relief is the right thing for you and your Baby. You might be like me who said "I'm going to take every drug they'll give me" and then birth your Baby with no pain relief at all.

Whatever your choice, you will make the decision that's right for you and your Baby. After all, that's what Hypnobirthing is all about, the right birth for you and your Baby, no matter what you choose. As a Hypnobirthing teacher, I will support you whatever you decide.


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