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Who knew pregnancies could be so different?!?!

Our second little bundle of trouble

Who knew two pregnancies could be so different and why am I so surprised by it?

I start my classes by saying Hypnobirthing will work differently for everyone because no two births and no two babies are the same. So why did I completely ignore my own advice when it came to pregnancy too?

Difference Number 1 - Surprise!

I have to be honest, this little one has taken us by surprise. With my first pregnancy I was looking for any slight symptom that might point to me being pregnant. This time around I was struck by period pains but no period, very strange. Suddenly I was very tired, more so than my usual Mummy tiredness. I put it down to starting a new job (I have an office job alongside my Hypnobirthing teaching duties). One night my husband and I were catching up on the day and I mentioned how I was feeling with the added "haha I hope I'm not pregnant". Ooo what if I was? The next morning I woke up and thought I'd take a test just to rule it out. It was POSITIVE! I went to find my husband and shakily gave him the test. It was met by nervous laughter from both of us.

That day I was in a daze. It was all I could think about. I collected my Nan from a hospital appointment, and as we drove off my car beeped at me saying a door was open. I pulled over and realised I'd left the boot fully open when I'd put her bag in there! I definitely wasn't thinking straight.

It was only when my husband got home that I calmed down a bit. Luckily he was freaking out just as much as I was. How would we afford another baby? We'll have 2 babies under 2, are we mad? Will we have to decorate the other bedroom? Will our daughter be ok with another baby joining us so quickly? What if our car isn't big enough for 2 pushchairs? I'd just started a new job, would they find an excuse to get rid of me? And again, how would we afford another baby?

Suddenly though we weren't talking about those things. We were talking about how our lives would be so much more crazy with 2 little ones in it and we were excited by it! Turned out, although we'd been stunned, we were just as happy as we were when we'd found out about our first pregnancy. BRING ON THE MADNESS!

Difference Number 2 - Belly, belly, belly

On the day I found out I was pregnant, my Nan spent some time with us. While she played with my daughter she looked me up and down and said "are you pregnant?". She'd seen a belly that I didn't realise was already showing! How could I be showing this early? I made up some excuse about my back being bad again so my posture was off.

I hadn't shown until nearly 20 weeks with our first, but it seemed as soon as I took the test my body had triumphantly declared "I know what to do!" and let all the muscles go loose in my tummy. It started off looking like I'd just eaten a few too many takeaways but now at 22 weeks it's starting to look like an actual pregnant belly.

Difference Number 3 - Morning Sickness

Urg this was not fun. First time around I felt nauseous but it was generally in the morning and last thing at night.

This time around, it was all day every day! Luckily though, just as soon as it had started, I got to around 11 weeks and it stopped.

Difference Number 4 - Cravings

Oh I was so so so good in my first pregnancy. I ate everything that was good for me and the baby. I planned meals and stayed to food only approved by the NHS website.

This time, the baby is not interested in healthy. If I allowed myself, I'd only eat chocolate and takeaway pizza. As it is, I'm having to really force myself to be good.

Difference Number 5 - Hip Pain

Carrying our daughter was hard work. When I was 16 weeks with her, I turned up to work in tears. I was convinced I was losing her. I had a constant tearing feeling in my lower abdomen and my hips were so sore. After a trip to the hospital I was told it was SPD (pelvic girdle pain). It continued through the pregnancy, only getting worse. I was commuting to London at the time. An hour on the train, a 25 minute waddle from the station to the office, another 25 minute waddle back and another hour on the train home. It was unbearable, so much so that I was signed off work for 2 weeks and then took a months holiday before staring my maternity leave.

Fingers crossed, I've got to 22 weeks and only have a mild pain this time. Even though I'm carrying around my bump and our heavy 15 month old daughter, I'm not doing the commute. I work locally, park my car 2 meters from the door of my office and it's helping. I've also started pregnancy yoga which I think is a massive benefit (http://www.anitapeach.co.uk/).

Difference Number 6 - Zzzzzzzz

I'm so tired. It's a different tired to any I've ever experienced. It's like my soul is tired. I can't point to one part of my body and say it isn't tired. I don't remember it being like this last time. I genuinely feel like if I blink for too long, I will fall asleep.

Difference Number 7 - Reactions

We were taken by surprise by this little one. It should follow that others are too. We told our families first. I admit to being a little bit hurt by a relatives reaction of "well if you can't afford one, how will you afford two?" but it's something we'd thought ourselves so why wouldn't they? Our parents were happy but it was certainly nothing compared to the first reveal. However, I'm not upset by this. It's natural, especially as this is the fourth grandchild for my In-Laws and my Dad and Step-Mum are probably worried that their babysitting duties have just doubled. We're excited and that's all that matters.

Difference Number 8 - No rest for you

When I was pregnant with our daughter I rested when I was tired. I could put my feet up and binge watch dvds. No such luxury now. We have a daughter to look after, entertain and generally keep alive. So when all I want to do is sit on the sofa, I'm actually crawling around on the floor, chasing her up stairs and dealing with temper tantrums (hers, not mine).

Difference Number 9 - Anxiety

I was crippled with anxiety during our first pregnancy. I've previously spoken about it in another blog so I won't repeat my experience now. I seem to be keeping it at bay for now. I'm using my Hypnobirthing techniques already and our daughter keeps me so busy that I don't have too much time to dwell on the negative side of things.

Difference Number 10 - IT'S A BOY

One of each! I'd had a "boy" type feeling in my waters but my Husband was so convinced we'd only have girls that I doubted myself. As a birthday present for Hubby, I booked us in for a gender scan (http://www.kentmedicalimaging.co.uk/). He nearly fell out of his chair when we realised IT'S A BOY!

Oh there's so much more that's different this time around, but one thing is just the same, we haven't met him yet but we love him already.

I'm enjoying our second Hypnobirthing experience and it really is just as beneficial the second time around. If you'd like to join us for a class or refresher session please contact us today. I look forward to working with you.


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